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Situated in the heart of the Dutch ‘Brainport‘ area, Prespective has specialized in visualizing technologically complex products and systems with unparalleled precision. Founded by 5 students at the Technical University of Eindhoven, Prespective has been a widely recognized brand for more than 17 years with customers ranging from the US to South Korea. Prespective's development team consists of highly specialized digital twin professionals, with years of experience in designing and maintaining simulation projects.

Digital Twin Software

Their platform is an interactive virtual test environment, in which users continuously test their systems; visual, mechanical, control software, human interaction, and scenarios.

  • Reduce the time-to-market of new machines and systems by reducing a bottleneck in the development and commissioning process.
  • Save redesign and rework costs during the development of new machines and systems as design flaws can be detected earlier in the process.
  • Improve the development process by providing a digital twin that different disciplines within a company can understand and use.
  • Test the quality of different design configurations and scenarios before machines or systems are built.