The new collaboration between Metacampus and 3EALITY has its eyes set on sharing knowledge and fostering an environment for companies to embrace innovation to accelerate the adoption of digital skills across the workforce. GM Eindhoven!, the first joint initiative, is an event tailored for professionals and companies deeply committed to the latest developments in AI, blockchain and the spatial web. The event will focus on highlighting these emerging technologies’ use cases and bridging the gap between the creative and technical world.

GM Eindhoven! programming

GM Eindhoven! is the first international edition of the GM World! events, which saw successful editions in Barcelona during 2022 and 2023. Scheduled for May 29th and 30th, the event will unfold at High Tech Campus Eindhoven (HTCE), and be part of the ‘25 Years of Open Innovation’ programming of HTCE. GM Eindhoven! will cover cutting-edge solutions and the latest successful use cases from leading companies in the enterprise & consumer sector. What’s more, the event will feature CONTINUUM, a digital art exhibit resulting from an open call for artists to pay tribute to two Dutch Masters: Johannes Vermeer and Hieronymus Bosch. From all entries, 30 will be curated by Accelerate Art to be showcased at the event.

Raising the knowledge level of emerging technologies

Metacampus is a venture from LUMO Labs, an impact-driven capital fund, which is directing capital towards investments that make a positive contribution to a sustainable society. LUMO Labs is based on High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Philipp Werle, Business Developer Emerging Tech for HTCE: “We foresee that the digital world and its possibilities will change rapidly through emerging technologies such as AI, the 3D Internet and immersive technologies. This requires new skill sets from people in the future. Our collaboration with Metacampus intends to help individuals and companies find accessible learning opportunities to improve their digital skills. ” Pere Pérez, Founder and CEO of Metacampus: “Building on the success of GM Barcelona! for the last two years, at Metacampus we are building strategic alliances with international partners to accelerate the adoption of digital innovation around the world. We’re delighted to partner with 3EALITY to launch our first international event at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven”.

As part of the collaboration, Metacampus will offer discounted training and subscriptions to their digital knowledge hub to all tenants at High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Additionally, they will conduct free monthly workshops and collaborate on industry events to promote the adoption of innovative business solutions throughout the region.

About Metacampus and 3EALITY

Metacampus is a Professional Development Hub located in Barcelona and is designed to help companies, creators, and business professionals constantly improve their digital skills. Through an affordable, all-inclusive membership, anyone can gain relevant experience, master the latest tools and thrive in the fast-paced digital economy. More about Metacampus:

3EALITY is located on High Tech Campus Eindhoven, an ecosystem of 300 high-tech companies, and is one of the campus’s innovation hubs, focused on Spatial Computing and Immersive Technologies. The physical hub is set to open this summer, welcoming resident companies, fostering a coworking community, and collaborating with partners. More about 3EALITY: