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Innovation Network Meet-up

AI Innovation Center HTC 5, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Relationships matter, so let’s really connect! Come to the first Innovation Network in Real Life Meetup to level up relationships and insights. This one is to meet and greet everybody that is someway, somehow connected to the network. All are welcome! Program info On Monday the 13th of May, we’ll have our very first Innovation […]

Elevate Your Business with Epic Games

AI Innovation Center HTC 5, Eindhoven, Netherlands

See how Digital Twins & Immersive Experiences are bringing added value to AECO, Healthcare, Training and much more About During the event, you will learn how Unreal Engine and Epic Games' Ecosystem of tools can be used for Multi User Collaboration, Compelling Storytelling, Urban Planning, Digital Twins, Training & Simulation, Photogrammetry and much more. The […]

GM Eindhoven!

Conference Center High Tech Campus 1, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Good morning (GM) and welcome to the first edition of GM Eindhoven! The Next Tech event for leading professionals and companies working in AI, the Spatial Internet (Metaverse), Immersive Tech and Blockchain. Building on the success of GM Barcelona! for the last two years, Metacampus and 3EALITY have partnered to organize two days of insightful […]